PEPS Wire EDM with CTE, Inc

PEPS Wire EDM with CTE, Inc

CTE Inc, based in York, Pennsylvania, is a vertically intergrated contract manufacturer with capabilities to design & build high precision progressive tooling, prototype metal stamping and reel to reel plating. After purchasing an Agie Challenge machine in 1999 they also purchased an alternative CAM system. The system was extremely slow to work with and they could not get it to generate code for their new machine. After 6 weeks of failing to output accurate NC code for their machine they took advice from Agie, who recommended PEPS.

The system was installed in 1999 and was immediately outputting 100% accurate NC code. Said Joe Gallagher, EDM Technician at CTE, “After our previous experience I was impressed that we could get accurate code every time. I also found the system extremely fast and easy to use in comparison. I didn’t even have the formal training after the initial installation but was able to get to grips with the system straight away.”

After using the system for a few weeks further benefits became clear. Joe added; “The solid modelling capabilities were outstanding, and the slug retention module alone saved us at least 30 minutes in programming time per job. The knowledge base for the wire machines is very useful because it simplifies learning and saves time - at least 10 minutes per part. Time is money, so this is very important to us.”

Since installing PEPS Wire EDM, CTE has also expanded the services that it can offer its customers. Joe explained; “Originally we were producing standard profiles, but now with PEPS Wire EDM and the new Agie machine’s capabilities we are able to do any four axis programs with varying tapers and no core operations,which enables unmanned operation by removing the core automatically. We have had great success with No Core operations as there are no resulting slivers in wire guides.”

Compatibility with all CAD formats has also been assured, thanks to Camtek’s relationships with all major CAD vendors. CTE can receive data in all popular formats (such as 2D line/arc, 3D wireframe, surface, and solid data) and immediately apply simple or complex wire paths to it. All new releases of PEPS Wire EDM are shipped with the latest CAD design integrators, keeping CTE up-to-date with industry requirements and ensuring that they can handle all future components that customers might need.

CTE plans to expand their range of wire EDM machines in the future, with PEPS Wire EDM playing an important part. Joe finalized; “PEPS was recommended by the machine manufacturer, is extremely easy to learn and use, produces accurate code and is backed by excellent customer service. When we buy more machines PEPS Wire EDM will be driving them.”


About The Company:

Name:CTE, Inc

Benefits Achieved:

  • Accurate code generated immediately after installation
  • Replaced previously purchased system after 6 weeks
  • Slug retention module saved at least 30 minutes programming time per job
  • Knowledge base directions for wire saved at least 10 minutes programming time per job
  • Converting imported graphics to tool path is much easier
  • Significant reduction in the number of errors


"Staff at Camtek were friendly and courteous, and always able to help."

Joe Gallagher
EDM Technician

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